Monday, July 21, 2014

kanye appreciation post

"In Jan ‘04 Dame Dash invited me to Sundance Film Festival for the premiere of The Woodsman. After the movie, he had a party with bunch of hollywood “peeps.” DJ AM was spinning, the place was having a great time. Dame had AM cut his set in middle so Kanye could perform. But no one knew who Kanye was then. His 1st album wasn’t coming out until Feb. In fact, I think John Legend was playing keyboard in Ye’s stage band. "Through the Wire" may have been out. Can’t remember. But no one in Hollywood was that hip to know it. 
Ye got up on stage in a room that had two floors. Balcony overlooking stage. Not the best environment for music performance. He started to perform. People weren’t paying attention. He could feel it. They were talking. He was frustrated. About 3/4 of the way into the song. He stopped. "Everyone that is not listening is gonna be mad you had the opportunity to see me perform for the first time." 
But it still didn’t silence the crowd. Chatter continued. He jumped off stage. Ran to the top of balcony and screamed at the top of his lungs. Demanded to be heard. To be honest he COMMANDED to be heard. Similar to his recent rants. I couldn't believe this kid had the balls. The conviction in himself to turn these people and HE DID. People started to watch and they got into it. I knew at that moment.He was a real artist. That he cares about one thing. At all costs. HIS MUSIC." --Scott Vener

*Swerves out of lane to add to Scott Vener's statement*
Kanye cares about his art. In general. His product. Fashion, music, visuals... all of it. EVERYONE should always be paying attention to Kanye West. Everything that Kanye has done, has been done with thorough perfection. You can't just limit his talent to music. Like come onnnnnnnnn.
*Gets back in lane*

the greatest interview of all time

Kanye West's August 2014 GQ cover here!

2014 Kanye x APC collab

I can't wait to see what the Adidas x Kanye collections will look like! to say that i'm inspired by him is an understatement. that is all.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Valentino Fall Couture 2014

Valentino STAYS coming through. This collection had a "modern Roman goddess" feel to it. Strapped long sandals, sheer dresses, and those intricate Valentino print designs that we all love were everywhere. Let's not forget about how much these looks compliment the female silhouette whether you're curvy or not. I am inspired. As always. I'm praying that I see celebrities rocking this collection this year. I would squeal and cry.
Top Ten looks:
love, nneka