Tuesday, September 16, 2014

s c r e s s s s s s s s s

i cannot deal right now. i want this american apparel job but they haven't emailed me back. i'm applying to FIT.. they want me to list my accomplishments but i have none? i still need to choreograph my solo. need to catch up with fashion week. need to develop concepts for these editorials i'm about to shoot in a few weeks. uummmmMMMMMMMmmmm i am not okay. this is the best i've ever been in my entire life tho. it's a weird concept but i've never felt more in control of myself, ever. everything i want in life depends on me now. i'm stressed but it's not a depressing kind of stress. i'm happy as fuck. i know all of the solutions to all of my problems (even though i don't think i do) so i'm chilling. (and if you're reading this, i bet you know all of the solutions to ur problems too.) okay. gotta get back to work.