Saturday, November 8, 2014

november baby

i'm hella excited for the wintertime. h-town weather isn't being as bipolar as it was in previous years so i actually get to dress like it's november. it's something i've been looking forward to. i'm trying to stay away from black, especially all black. i don't know how long i'm gonna avoid it for though. it's to milk out out my creative juices and shit. i'm getting my mind working the way i want/need it to (in more ways than one).
if y'all knew how good it felt outside... i should not be sitting down here typing up these essays right now. i say that like i've actually started them. lol. ya know what they say though.. if you're gonna procrastinate, be productive with it. so ya. this is me updating my blog. something i unfortunately haven't had time to do in a while.
life has been unexpected as always. but it's been a different kind of unexpected.  making time for myself has been so much harder lately. a lot of things have fallen apart but so many things are coming together so i'm chillin. life's curves and turns never stop so i'm just mastering the art of not planning life out & becoming as easygoing as i look. i'm just at a point where i have to express it. i would usually never vent online but i think posting this would clear my mind up for the insane amount of work i have to do sooooooo ya.


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