Monday, March 2, 2015

sissy's mac

my sister came back for spring break last week, it was really fun. I took a lot of selfies on her mac last weekend. i’m over it now though haha. (equivocation or nah?)
you know what a cool feeling is? getting asked to be in a photoshoot. even if it’s only for a friend & no money is involved. i don’t really care if people like my face.. I like my own face. it just makes me feel like my look, or who I am and represent as a person, is worth whatever they’re trying to depict, which is very lituated. plus I don’t really think the constant selfie pictures are for me. i’d rather have other people constantly take pictures of me, you know? i’d rather have people do a lot of things for me though, like painting my nails, giving me massages, driving me around, etc. o well. you gotta earn the right to be lazy i guess.