Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ice inspo: body edition

I've been so in love with body jewelry lately. This is all i plan to wear this summer. Arm cuffs, toe rings, and body chains are the perfect way to accessorize a simple outfit to give it a royal look.
Also, get creative with it! People usually wear gold for body jewelry, but silver, pearls, and african beaded jewelry can look great for the summer. This trend can make for some amusing DIY projects!

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PS: Although I do like the looks these accessories give an outfit, I would never condone the wearing of bindis by people who do not belong to the Hindu religion. There's a thin line between using ideas from another society and showing disrespect towards a large group of people. it's important that people know the roots of where their look comes from before they put it on and declare it a fashion statement!

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