Thursday, June 25, 2015


This summer has made me want to re-evaluate what it means to love myself. I wrote a little something about it after being awake all night. I usually don't share but why not? 
 Love comes from self-love. The first step in love is respect. Self-love comes from self-respect. 
 Respecting yourself means being able to trust yourself. It means not inconsistently deciding to not going to live up to your expectations for the day, week, month, or year. It means taking mental, emotional, and physical care of yourself! One of my closest friends told me, "there's no such thing as finding true love in anyone else other than your family." I’m not sure if I’ll ever completely come to terms with that; I’m a hopeful romantic. But get this: you should treat yourself how you would treat your dearest loved ones, the ones you emotionally trust the most. Love yourself as if you're a younger version of you.
 "Remember yourself as a little girl, she is counting on you to protect her."—Olivia Penpraze
 You can see true love in family. See yourself as your younger sibling. If you don't have a younger sibling, try to imagine that there's someone a little younger than you that absolutely admires you and looks to you for advice, encouragement, and support. Think about how you'd treat them due to your feelings of care and affection for them. 

You’re that little kid who needs real affection and care. You’re sensitive, you're delicate, and you need real validation. You know that. You’re the only person who knows what that means; only you can give yourself that now. Self-love is so much more than taking a good selfie and posting it with a corny caption implying that you're working on loving and respecting yourself (at least to me). I tried that... I didn't find much help. I thought I loved myself, but to me, actions like that weren’t significant enough to make a real difference. Relationships of any shape or form require REAL work. They require both development and maintenance. These relationships aren’t always going to be easy but it will be so worth it. Whether you're trying to love a significant other, your family, or yourself... don't give up. Don’t be inconsistent. Show respect for the ones you love... a lack of respect leads to a lack of trust. Without respect and trust? You just have feelings. You’re worth more than a relationship gone wrong due to lack of persistence. Act like it.

Friday, June 12, 2015

lani tsunami

kehlani's performance was breathtaking! i was sick to death that night but i'm so glad i decided to go. the choreography, her personality, and her voice live made me feel like i should have paid at least $60 just to be there. not to mention i saw one of my biggest role models, Micah, DJing. too bad i lost all of the videos i took because my sister's laptop was ghosted. oh well, her performance will always be in my heart.