Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Inspirations

“If there’s no inspiration in your life then it’s your responsibility to go find it.”—Abel Tesfaye

As I was coming up with my new years resolutions for 2016, I couldn’t help but think of some of my favorite style icons and take note of how they have successfully taken over their craft in the past year. I can become of fan of anyone's style; however, these women take it further by inspiring me personality & career wise. I have grown up watching these women develop their style, as well as their careers. I continue to somewhat mold myself in their image every day. 


Rihanna took over 2015 just like she takes over every other year. This music legend has truly hustled her way to the top of the fashion industry, in what seems to have taken no time at all. From becoming the first black woman to be the face of a Dior campaign, paving the way for countless trends such as her "puma creepers," the “naked dress,” and the “slip dress,” and having two hit singles from her soon-to-be released Anti album, Rihanna has been the source of everyone’s good news for the past year (or ten years, in my case). She’s just recently been named the most marketable celebrity, indicating that her domination over the fashion industry has just begun. She's my generation’s chameleon when it comes to fashion. She effortlessly pulls her outfits off with confidence and grace. View some of my favorite of her outfits below.


Jaenelle Vergionio is a fashion blogger, stylist, and buyer for KNYEW Streetwear from San Jose, California. She became famous for her “street & sweet” look, combining high fashion pieces with street wear. When I first started following her in 2012, I was in awe of how she could achieve this classic & comfortable look off in so many different ways. Jaenelle has also inspired me due to her willingness to take risks. Before KNYEW Streetwear, she had a stable career as a District Merchandiser for American Apparel. She then decided to take a chance and explore a new environment with KNYEW in Las Vegas, Nevada, and now wishes to turn LV into "the new city of culture." Her style evolved a great deal since her American Apparel days, which is amazing to witness. Currently portraying a more mature and comfortable look, Jaenelle’s talent for styling is, and will always be impeccable. Check out some of my favorite of her outfits below. View her site here.


Micah Mahinay is another stylist I admire. She masters the art of cohesiveness in both her outfits and mixes. She knows how to mix and match the right colors with the right prints, and has the talent of never overdoing it. She was 16 when she started blogging; now she's 23 and DJs for Kehlani, another up and coming musician that happens to be one of her best friends. Micah is an inspiration to me because she graduated from college and could have had a 9-5 job, but decided to turn her hobby, DJing, into a career. She’s proof that one can actually make it into the world doing what they love, while still having other well-developed skills. Check out her instagram and soundcloud, and view my favorite of her outfits below!

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