Thursday, March 24, 2016

must... eat... healthy....

  1. you're diabetes prone.
  2. this will help your hair grow more than any product or vitamin will.
  3. your skin will be beautiful. the glo is necessary.
  4. let's be honest, this processed food shit isn't cute. neither is the fact that it can lead to cancer.
  5. you're anemic so you're already tired all of the time. junk food is killing your energy.
  6. you're a future #girlboss. you have to have more self discipline and control. in ALL aspects of your life.
  7. buying junk food is sunk cost! you're too broke to not be investing every dollar you have into becoming a better you.
  8. you know better. it's time to do better!
*sobs* goodbye :( forever :(( no more fucking around w this. it's childish at this point.

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