Sunday, March 6, 2016

reading, March '16

one of my new years resolutions was to read three books per month. three months have passed and i'm only on my third book. :(
i've been feeling especially shallow & unaware lately. 1) i haven't even been on tumblr like that, so not even summaries of current social issues have entered my brain since winter break. 2) haven't been paying attention to this election mess. 3) i've been interviewed so much in the past month, and it's made me realize how much I don't know about myself. but that's another story 4 another day.
i just know I really need learn how to articulate my thoughts into words successfully, and there's no better way to do that than to read great books.


Grace: A Memoir was pretty informative. It was about her life and the people she's met, and she knows some pretty important fashion people. I have SO many designers, photographers, and models to do research on after reading this book, Azzedine Alaia being one of them. I feel like Alaia's influence has been especially important to brands such as Matte and Yeezy; but apparently, he's just about influenced everyone. Can't wait to look into it some more.

Steal Like an Artist had some great tips on how to get your ideas out into the world. Anyone who  think self-help books don't work doesn't put the books' advice to use after reading them. Two huge things I learned was that I don't have to know who I am to get started, and that I should love my hobbies because they flow into other parts of my life. I seriously always thought I had to be sure of who I was before I committed to one thing. For instance, I love both fashion and music a lot. I think, that if I really wanted to, I could be one of the best producers known to man. But then I was like, "what about fashion? I want to be a creative director." Plus, I'm really not that passionate about music. I just enjoy it. After reading this book, I realized I don't have to know who I am, and that committing to one thing doesn't mean I have to get rid of everything else I find fun. Plus, once you think about it, creative directing in music is producing. Finding pleasure in a few different things doesn't make you 3 different people. It's all cohesive and will help you in the future.

Show Your Work: About to start reading this. Might end up giving my opinion on this book. Probably won't. Actually, I might not even read this right now. One can only read so many self-help books in one period of ur life. Too much of the same things make everything feel cliché. This is by the same author as Steal Like an Artist too, so it's the same person feeding the same info into your brain. Yeah you know what... I won't read it right now. I'm going to read something about black people, a classic novel, and maybe a billion other books before I get back to this one.

P.S.: i highlight EVERYTHING.

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