Thursday, April 14, 2016

.... but it'sallgooooood

Today was… eventful.
I went to sleep uber-anxious after crying for three hours (life). As soon as I got to class, everything was fixed. There will be some penalties, but it’ll all be fine. I can't afford to slack off this weekend. Or the weekend after that… or the one after that. 1x for mother nature...
If it wasn’t for my friends, my AMAZING, constantly positive friends, I would have felt so hopeless today. 
My mom called me to be a mom, in the moment when I expected it least. It made me laugh, in the moment... but now that I think about it, I'm really upset. This only makes me want to be more and more successful so that I can prove her wrong, because she’s unfortunately right. She just doesn’t want me to be a broke bitch, I get that... but I can't spend 10 years in a career that I don't have my heart set out on.  She thinks i’m wasting my knowledge, her sacrifice, her money. Thinks I need prayer. I personally think I'm done with this argument. I can't be guilted into medical school. We’re going to have to come to a compromise…. I'm drawing the line after that. 
I hate fake b******… currently trying my hardest to step my "ignoring your existence even though we used to be bffs" game up.
I saw so many crushes today. emphasis on "saw." No speaking. I'm a punk.
I won in this little styling competition, and I get to work in a fashion show happening in late may. I’ll be damned if I take these opportunities for granted. (excuse my french)

Now, I have to do work. Got dance practice in an hour. lesssdodis.

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