Friday, January 27, 2017

the only donald we acknowledge is...

i’m listening to awaken, my love! even when i’m not.
i didn’t even know i needed CG to sing to me like that. but he did. and not only did he do it, he did the damn thang. now, almost a month after the album came out, i still can’t get the album out of my head. the album, by the way. the entire thing. every. single. track.
u ever had an entire album on rotation in your head for a month straight?
i think that whenever an artist can make their fans feel that strongly about their work, they've created a classic.

side note:
i randomly came across Parliament & Funkadelic’s music right before the album came out. i was able to connect the dots to them being the inspiration for the album. i get super geeked when i’m able to do that!!! it makes me feel like i have a good ear and shit.
shout out to CG for making me feel both cool and good. it’s appreciated.